Note: times are in CET (Central European Time)


15 November 2021


Introduction by Bart Dessein

Keynote lecture by Ge Zhaoguang 葛兆光 (plenary session)


Parallel panels




panel A: Late Imperial China I

Sander Molenaar (University of Warwick): “ ‘Coastal Thugs’ and ‘Stupid, Unruly People’: the Construction of a ‘Maritime Other’ on the South Coast of the Ming Empire”

Mario Cams (University of Macau) and Elke Papelitzky (KU Leuven): “The ‘Self’ and the ‘Other’ in Ming-Era Texts on Geography”

Julia C. Schneider (University College Cork): “Changing the Discourse on Self and Other: The Qianlong Censorship (1772–1788) of Ming Books”

(chair: Julia)


panel B: Missionary Others

Wei Mo (Shanghai Maritime University): “Assessing the Jesuit Intellectual Apostolate in Modern Shanghai”

Sebastian Eicher (LMU Munich): “Experiencing the Other. Wang Tao’s 王韜 (1828-1897) Relationship with British Missionaries as Described in his Diary Entries between 1852 and 1862”

Mateusz Janik (Polish Academy of Sciences): “Anthropological Difference in Zhu Xi and Matteo Ricci”

(chair: Bart)


14:00 – 15:30


Panel C: Modern China

Arianne Ekinci (University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill): “Nation-Building and Necessary Others: Gendered Han-Uyghur Interactions and Development of the Metropole in the Early PRC”

Sinan Chu (German Institute of Global and Area Studies) and Valentina Punzi (University of Tartu): “Othering within Minzu: the Peripheral Tibetanness of Baima”

(chair: Julia)


Panel D: History and Race

Dawid Rogacz (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan): “Ungeschichtlich Barbarians and the Chinese Philosophy of History”

Federico Brusadelli (University of Naples “L’Orientale”): “A Man Beyond the Race: Kang Youwei’s (1858-1927) Prophecy of Ethnic Assimilation, Between Stereotypes and Universal Aspirations”

(chair: Ady)


Virtual break room




Panel E: Civilization and Otherness

Shao-yun Yang (Denison University): “Chinese Supremacism and the Civilization-State Discourse in Ming Neo-Confucian Thought”

James Brown-Kinsella (Yale University): “Once a Barbarian, Always a Barbarian?”

Nikita Kuzmin (University of Pennsylvania):“The Tangut Way: Cultural and Religious Identities of Western Xia”

(chair: Leigh)


Panel F: Late Imperial China II

Sebestyén Hompot (University of Vienna): “Perspectives on the ‘Self’ and ‘Other’ in Recent Historiography on Ming-Qing China’s Tributary System of Foreign Relations”

Shoufu Yin (University of British Columbia): “The ‘Korean’ Question in Song/Ming Rhetorical Education and Political Imagination”

(chair: Ady)


16 November 2021


Parallel panels




Panel G: Intellectual history I

Dan Sarafinas (East China Normal University): “The Other and the Construction of Huaxia Identity”

Carine Defoort (KU Leuven): “The Different Rhetorical Uses of the Yang-Mo Trope”

Leigh K. Jenco (London School of Economics): “Different Strands: Defenses of Otherness in the Late Ming”

(chair: Leigh)


Panel H: Imperial and Late Imperial China

Lisa Indraccolo (Tallinn University): “Ancient China and the Far Eastern Isles: A Narrative of Early Sino-Japanese Encounters

Ming-kin Chu (The University of Hong Kong): “Living on the Soil of the ‘Others’: a Survey of Late Northern Song University Students under Jurchen Rule”

Yue Qi (ENS Paris): “Occident as the Other: from ‘Empire of Exceptions’ to ‘One Family under Heaven’: Chen Jitong’s Comparative Studies and Writings on the Other”

(chair: Julia)


Virtual break room




Panel I: Intellectual history II

Wlodzimierz Cieciura (University of Warsaw): ” ‘I can tell a Hui from a Han when they’re walking down the street’. Hui intellectuals’ imagining of the Sinophone Muslims as ‘race’ in Republican China and the quest for recognition as a separate minzu.”

Joseph Ciaudo (University of Orléans): “Sameness and Otherness in the Xinghui pian 醒回篇 (1908): some remarks regarding the concept of religion”

Ady Van den Stock (Ghent University): “Margins of Chinese Philosophy: Thinking Through Xiao Hong’en’s 萧洪恩 Comprehensive History of the Philosophy of the Tujia Nationality

(chair: Ady)


Panel J: Representing and Performing Otherness

Tze-ki Hon (Beijing Normal University (Zhuhai) ): “A Unity of Differences: Zhang Taiyan’s Liberalism and the Chinese Nation-State”

Jihoon Chun (Ruhr-Universität Bochum): “Within Otherness As A Polity Within: Significance of Chosŏn Min’in/Minbu (民人/民婦) in the Qing Imperial Illustrations of Tributaries (皇淸職貢圖)”

Karin Myhre (University of Georgia): “Ventriloquizing Others: Performance and Identity in Yuan Songs”

(chair: Leigh)


Virtual break room


15:30 – 17:00


Panel K: Modern Confucian Others

Lisa Lindkvist Zhang (Heidelberg University): “The Formation of the Religious Other: A Reading of Liang Shuming’s ‘India’ ”

Philippe Major (University of Basel): “Imagining Confucian China: Othering Processes in the ‘New Confucian Manifesto’ ”

Milan Matthiesen (University of Basel): “The West, Communism, and the Jew: Mou Zongsan’s Use of the Other in his Political Writings”

(chair: Ady)


Panel L: Religion and Politics

Ya-pei Kuo (University of Groningen): “Spirituality and its Proximate Other: Revisiting May Fourth ‘Radical Secularism’ ”

William A. Callahan (London School of Economics): “External Appearance/External Affairs: The International Politics of Noses in China”

Bart Dessein (Ghent University): “Of a ‘Golden Man’ Appearing in Han Mingdi’s 漢明帝 Dream and Fu Yi’s 傅奕 (555-639) Qing fei fofa biao 請廢佛法表”

(chair: Bart)




Closing remarks